Aesthetics plastic department

Translator Le Kim Chi

Tu Du hospital is women's trustable place to care for their general health and increase their quality of life. Consequently, the Aesthetics plastic department with modern equipment and well-trained doctors has been established.

After many years, taking care for their happy families, women can find their confidence and their beauty at Aesthetics plastic department  – Tu Du hospital such as:

The aesthetic internists:

- Beauty skin care

- Melasma treatment

- Anti aging skin treatment, skin rejuvenation

- Acne treatment.

- Remove wrinkles in cosmetic medicine

- Aesthetic laser

- Facial massage

- Body massage

- Injectable fillers and wrinkle elimination

- Remove tattoos.

- Hair removal

The cosmetic surgery:

- Shaping breast aesthetic

- Shaping abdominal aesthetic

- Shaping facial aesthetic

- Shaping eyes, nose, mouth aesthetic

- Facelifts

- Liposuction

- Aesthetics vaginal and perineal, small labia, big labia.

- Aesthetics genital area.

Add: 3rd floor: Treatment area as required                  

Working time: from monday to friday (from 7AM to 04:30 PM)

Phone: (08) 54044155 - (08) 54042829 (402)

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